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Hi all, I'm SamPam (18ish). I like drawing and worrying about stuff. Currently studying at Griffith Uni (Bachelour of digital media).
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NeSpoon is a street artist from Warsaw, Poland. Her artistic focus is on the intricate patterns of lace, and breaking its granny stereotype by using it to beautify gritty urban spaces. NeSpoon calls her artistic approach the “jewellery of the public space”:

Jewellery makes people look pretty, my public jewellery has the same goal, make public places look better.

NeSpoon often uses the usual spray paint and stencils of enlarged lace patterns to produce her works on the street via

artist find at Lustik

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Kalani Chapman on a big day at Cloudbreak

ph Todd Glaser



I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

Words cannot describe how much I love this post.

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Hey everyone,

For the last year of my life I’ve been working my butt off on this game - Trekking the National Parks. I designed it, created all the art, and now I’m self publishing it. So the time has finally come to launch on Kickstarter!

Besides being an independent artist, I’m also an avid gamer. My goal was to make something fun and easy to learn that families and friends could enjoy together.

So if you are a fan of games, National Parks, or even just my art, please help me out by pledging to this project! You can also help by simply reblogging this post. Thanks.


150 year old Victorian prosthetic hand. Not creepy at all. 


Why do you people act like this

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Punčke Summer Tour Poster on Behance

Check the full project on the link above and feel free to appreciate it if you like it!

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