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Hi all, I'm SamPam (18ish). I like drawing and worrying about stuff. Currently studying at Griffith Uni (Bachelour of digital media).
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IBM Think Poster



Mickey Smith

s u r f ~ v i s i o n s


Turned out pretty well ☺️


Guilty Pleasures Original: http://ift.tt/1pifgHo


Guilty Pleasures Original: http://ift.tt/1pifgHo

School stuff:

Mind maps for my green ‘space’ design.


Noctua’s Open Air Club
Design: Victor Mantel


i just finished my new ep! unusually for me, it’s themed around nature. also unusual for me is that they’re all originals! i’m really happy with how these turned out, and i hope they bring a little dreaminess to your day ♪


Réflexions Faites Romain Trystram

theres something about these pieces that’s so comfortable


Shortlisted poster for the 28º Museu da Casa Brasileira design award. Co-designed with Joelson Bugila. - http://bit.ly/1tc04L3

(Source: hotlikesauce)


Gustavo Torres is a 36 year old Argentinian GIF artist. He began making art around the age of three due to having parents who are designers and musicians. He is inspired by the fact that art is one of the few things in the world you can use to express whatever you feel and want. He posts his art on Tumblr as kidmograph.



The duck dive at its best..

ph Richard Kotch


Daily Fashion 238 

‘In My Childhood I Used To Watch My Grandfather Paying Attention To All His Outfit Details…’

Story submitted by Hugo Barreto-Ramos
instagram @hug0_barret0

‘Because my grandfather was a gentlemen, he always dressed with all the details, and he had a class that you can’t buy. It inspired me to embrace this style. I love to be in a suit and tie. I’m also a lover of suspenders and details like lapel pins or square pockets…’

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